Lombardi Cancer Center

Georgetown Cooks


"The hand that mixes the Georgetown martini is time and again the hand that guides the destiny of the Western world.”  Henry Kissinger

Georgetown has long been looked to as the place where the most influential writers, politicians, journalists, diplomats, and government leaders gather to break bread and make deals that can change our country and ultimately, the world.  Joe Alsop, Katharine Graham, and Sally Quinn all encouraged dinner parties with strange bedfellows that encouraged a civility and openness and helped the city function.  These suppers and gatherings continue today, but no longer feature stiff Manhattans and Johnny Marzetti, rather farm-sourced ingredients for cocktails and artfully prepared salads, stews, and roasts.  This special cookbook will help you decide how and what to serve – everything from a family brunch to a formal dinner in the dining room to a chic lunch in the kitchen.”

Sponsored by Nancy Taylor Bubes and Washington Fine Properties, 100% of the proceeds of this cookbook will be donated to a clinical trial at Georgetown’s Lombardi Cancer Center dedicated to finding a cure for Ewing’s Sarcoma.

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